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Convivium Osteria

Italian Food in the heart of Park Slope.

Photography and writing by Will Engelmann.

Convivium Osteria is an Italian restaurant in Park Slope.
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You don’t go to a restaurant just seeking food. If that was all you wanted or needed you would go to the supermarket, buy a bag of rice and cook it yourself at home. What you’re looking for in a restaurant is the experience. It’s in the attention to detail. Walking through the blue curtains and being transported to another place and time. The rustic decor. Aged wood interior. Accents of pots hanging on the walls and ornate chandeliers. The wine cellar down bellow full of laughter and the sounds of happy people dining. The flakes of sea salt sprinkled in-between the cuts of the bone in ribeye. The warm smiling faces who meet you at the door and wish you a good night as you saunter half stepping into the night. Full of artichokes and wine and steak your belly about to burst with joy. The smile on your wife’s face when you reminded her once again why she married you. If you just needed food you could stay home and cook rice in 20mins.

But when you want to let somebody know how special they are to you there’s Convivium Osteria.

The Costata Di Manzo, a huge steak meant for two

The Costata di Manzo. This gorgeous cut of meat is meant to be shared.

Even if you can’t take your partner out for your anniversary you can still light a candle or two and get the Spinach Housemade Gnudi delivered to your door. Just a thought. Order Delivery

Spinach Housemade Gnudi is Convivium's most popular dish Best Italian food in NYC

The Ewa Ricotta and Spinach Housemade Gnudi with Asiago Cheese.

That same attention to detail goes into the food and how it’s prepared. All of Convivium Osteria pastas are made in house by hand including the Gnudi. This dish is a delightful Convivium's most popular dish. Gnudi is an Italian dish that is often confused which gnocchi. And while the ingredients are very similar gnocchi is made with potatos while gnudi replaces those potatoes with ricotta cheese. This makes it more similar to ravioli, but just the insides of the ravioli without the outer shell. The name itself gnudi is translated in Italian as Nude, and gnudi is literally just the naked deliciousness of the ravioli. It's a dish that cuts out the middle man and just goes straight to your heart. Convivium's gnudi also comes in a gooey pool of asiago cheese to slowly push the pillowy green morsels through before you take a bite.

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Rustic Italian food in the heart of Park Slope.

Even if you can’t take your wife out for your anniversary you can still light a candle or two and get the Spinach Housemade Gnudi delivered to your door. Order Delivery

And don't forget to order the wine!

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Writing by Mara Geherty  with Photography by Will Engelmann. 

Zaab Zaab

“The restaurant business isn’t for anyone who doesn’t have passion”

Writing by Tahsin Kugel  with Photography by Will Engelmann. 

Convivium Osteria

Rustic Italian food in the heart of Park Slope.

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One of NYC's most iconic institutions.