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You need Dim Sum in your life.

Photography and writing by Will Engelmann.

Convivium Osteria is an Italian restaurant in Park Slope.
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Slowly sauntering down the street of Chinatown. A horn blasts in the distance. Smell of fried pot stickers, pork buns and pan fried dumplings waft through the night. The smells get stronger with every step. Were walking hand in hand as the sun sets. An aimless stroll with no real destination in mind just an empty stomach and a hankering for All the many different kinds of dumplings. Little tingle at the nape of my neck. Each step and the smell grows stronger. Stronger. A group of people lingers outside in the twilight. I squeeze her hand and say “What do you think… this one?”

Shu Mai dumplings Pan fried dumplings

These steamed Shu Mai dumplings are delicious and always a crowd pleaser.

Best Italian food in NYC

Nah… it’s obviously very popular but too long of a wait. Her belly is rumbling and she needs to get some dim sum in her fast. No time to waste before you accidentally start a hangry fight. There’s a subtle art to picking a restaurant on the fly. In a place that’s new and you’re exploring. Urban travelers abound to places you’ve never been before. Do you go to the place where everybody goes? All the tourists but it’s safe and familiar? Do you go where all the locals go? A little off the beaten path and slightly more exotic. But if it’s too exotic and too unfamiliar what do you order? It helps to make as many friends as possible everywhere you go. People who know the neighborhood and invite them to dine with you as much as possible. But short of that tonight I’ll be your friend and this is my recommendation.

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Oh my god you Need soup dumplings.

If you’re looking for the classic Chinatown Dim Sum experience Jing Fong will not disappoint. You might miss it. Jing Fong has a mostly unassuming storefront on Elizabeth street. Two stone lions and a bright red sign. Walk inside and let the escalator slowly transport you to a massive hall. It’s huge, possibly the biggest restaurant in New York city and the bright red interior will make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to someplace else. A place with dancing lions and dragons. Cute ladies pushing carts full of delicious little bites for you to try. I recommend the pork buns. And the shu mai. And the lobster fried rice. And the duck. Oh my god you have to try the duck. best italian food NYC

The smile on her face when you order the Peking duck and it’s delicious. Win.

food photography in NYC

Dim Sum cart loaded with goodies.

Convivium Osteria

Rustic Italian food in the heart of Park Slope.


NYC Street Food

One of NYC's most iconic institutions.



Almost every restaurant in the city has a burrata on the menu.
Is this Italian cheese worth the hype or just a cliche?


Where to eat in Chinatown

You need Dim Sum in your life.


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